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100% Vegan

It all started with an idea from long-time vegan Steven Smith. He set out to create a place that vegans can shop and dine confidently without having to read labels and research ingredients. Steven also wanted to create an environment where anybody could come in, feel welcome and enjoy good meal and experience plant-based products. After all, good food is good food!

100% Vegan

EVERYTHING in our store is vegan, 100% plant-based. None of our products include bone-char refined sugar, honey, eggs, dairy, etc. Any questions about anything we carry, please don’t hesitate to ask.

Our mission is to offer our customers the broadest range of healthy, plant-based products at the best value while providing first-class customer service. Our store will offer products representing local, national, and international brands with savings and prompt delivery.

But Not Just for Vegans 

Vegan Fine Foods hopes to be a neighborhood fixture for vegans, non-vegans and everyone in between! You can visit us for amazing prepared foods at Vegan Fine Café inside the store, and gourmet vegan groceries, or spend an afternoon relaxing and enjoying a cappuccino, fresh smoothie, kombucha, or a glass of beer or wine. 

Our Vegan Guarantee

We guarantee that all products in our store are completely vegan, free of animal-derived ingredients. Vegan Fine Foods will not offer anything that we cannot verify that all ingredients are completely vegan. We will never knowingly sell any product that has any animal-derived ingredients or anything that has been tested on animals. If you see an ingredient that looks like it may be animal-derived, please be assured that the source of it in the product will be synthetic or vegetable-based.

In rare occasions, manufacturers change ingredients without notice and this can render a product non-vegan; if this happens with any products we offer, we will pull them off the shelf immediately and not carry it as long as it is not vegan. If you buy anything from us and this ever happens, you may return the item and we will immediately refund your money when proof of the alteration in a product’s status of vegan to non-vegan has been established.